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Congress 2017

Congress 2017: Videos

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A bold vision for congress 2017

“Imagine Toronto hosting academics in the university, in the galleries, in the libraries, and in public spaces—bringing Big Thinking to the people while creating an intimate space where we can commune as people and intellectual kindred spirits. Our vision for Congress is about increasing the transparency of what our members do and about linking Congress to the community, engaging and, we hope, inspiring, our political and business leaders to see how the Federation inspires the intellectual creativity of Canada.” Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau, Ryerson

Academic & city Convenor

Marco A. Fiola, Professor, Faculty of Arts has been appointed Academic Convenor and City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam has been named the inaugural city convenor. Fiola is the chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLC). Wong-Tam represents the Toronto Centre-Rosedale region and is an active member of the Ryerson community.

Full release can be read here.

congress conveners

Marco A. Fiola, Academic Convenor:
As Academic Convenor of Congress 2017, Fiola will act as Ryerson’s Congress ambassador. He will oversee the development of informative and inspiring programming related to the event theme "The Next 150, On Indigenous Lands", which will explore and celebrate Canada’s identity, history, achievements and future on the occasion of its 150th anniversary. Fiola will also promote Congress within our campus community and to the local and national media.

Kristyn Wong-Tam, City Convenor:
The City Convenor is a new role that Ryerson has implemented for Congress. As advocates for city building and community engagement, Ryerson has appointed Wong-Tam to help engage the broader community and promote activities with the municipal government.

Leadership Committee

The Ryerson Congress Leadership Committee is made up of 11 diverse representatives from across campus, including members from the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Communication and Design, the Yeates School of Graduate Studies, The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, Administration and Finance, and Communications, Government and Community Engagement. This interdisciplinary committee will ensure the entire university is connected and included in the planning and hosting of Congress. Funding will be available to encourage and facilitate involvement from the Ryerson community.

The 11 members of the Congress 2017 Leadership Committee are:

Pamela Sugiman
Dean, Faculty of Arts

Academic Convenor
Marco Fiola
Professor, LLC, Faculty of Arts
City Convenor
Kristyn Wong-Tam
City Councillor
Marie Bountrogianni
Dean, The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education
Jennifer MacTavish
Dean, Yeates School of Graduate Studies
Tony Conte
Executive Director, Administration and Finance
Sharmaine McKenzie
Manager, Administration and Process Improvements, Faculty of Arts
Charles Falzon
Dean, Faculty of Communication & Design
Cathy Parry, Director
Marketing and Creative Services
  Heather Lane Vetere,
Vice-Provost, Students

SSHRC 150 Canada Grant

SSHRC is marking Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017 by supporting scholarly or research-related activities which mobilize research about Canada at 150: its past, its present and its future. SSHRC is offering Connecting for Canada’s 150th, a unique series of Connection Grants to support one hundred and fiftieth anniversary-related initiatives organized by postsecondary institutions and scholars. These events or outreach activities should mark or celebrate this historic anniversary, enhancing our understanding of the social, cultural, technological, environmental and economic issues we face at 150. This funding opportunity also provides support for connection activities which exemplify the contributions of Canadian institutions and researchers in social sciences and humanities, either to a discipline or to global fields of study.

For more about the grant and the application process, please see the SSHRC Canada 150 page.

The Next 150, On Indigenous Lands

RU campus communities

Canada’s sesquicentennial offers an important opportunity to critically reflect on the nation’s past and seek to build a better, more inclusive and just future.  Congress 2017 invites participants to acknowledge the country’s colonial past and present practices, and forge new relationships towards positive change and reconciliation. Building upon the insights, contributions and   the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Congress 2017 theme “The Next 150, On Indigenous Lands” aims to mark the achievements and character of all of its peoples. Toronto is a vibrant microcosm of Canada’s diversity—and Ryerson University is a metropolitan university within that microcosm, committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusive programming.

“The Next 150, On Indigenous Lands” honours Canada’s rich history, a history that predates 150 years, and is inclusive of different ideas, geographies, cultures, countries, schools of thought and disciplines. The theme encourages reflection on our national identities, as well as cross-collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach to the social sciences and humanities.

As we celebrate our history, legacy and achievements of Canada in the last 150 years and those of the people and territory before, we anticipate the next 150: a time of changing demographics, urban challenges, social justice and equality, new beginnings and boundless opportunities.