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Those who don't know _ _ _ _ _ _ _
are destined to repeat it.
Learn about the past and shape the future.

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Historians explore the diversity and complexity of human experience from ancient societies to the 21st century. By recalling and interpreting the past, we can understand where we come from, who we are, and how we may shape our future. At Ryerson, students explore the past and its impact on modern society by examining historical debates, documents, artifacts, audio-visual productions and other sources. Ryerson graduates are culturally astute and have the research, analytical and communication skills needed for a wide range of careers such as working in the creative industries, business, the public service, non-governmental organizations and the heritage sector.

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Chair Profile

Dr. Catherine Ellis joined Ryerson’s Department of History in 2003. She holds a DPhil in Modern History from Oxford. Dr. Ellis’s research focuses on modern British history, with an emphasis on the development of the Labour Party and the integration of young people into British political culture since the Second World War. She teaches courses that address topics such as modern Britain, the Third Reich, and intellectual history.

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