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Languages, Literatures and Cultures

The limits of my language,
mean the limits of my world.
Ludwig Wittgenstein

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What is the connection between language and identity? What does the way we speak say about who we are, where we come from and how we got here? How can we acknowledge cultural differences to build bridges and bring people closer together? Learning another language is not only opening a new window on the world in which we live; it is also a way to know ourselves better. The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures uses a communicative approach that enables students to work on all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Ryerson offers courses for all levels, including for true beginners, intermediate, advanced and even for native speakers. Additionally, we offer a number of courses for advanced students with a focus on business communication and translation.

Kinga Zawada

Chair Profile

Marco A. Fiola is the Chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Ryerson University. He is the past president of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies, and has published numerous articles on language barriers, translator and interpreter training as well as interpreter certification. His current research interests include the development of language tools for community interpreters and the usability of translated material.

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