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The philosopher creates,
he doesn't reflect.
Gilles Deleuze

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What is the purpose of life?  What are our obligations to each other and the environment? What is the true nature of human knowledge, beauty, power and God? These are some of the fundamental questions of philosophy that have been contemplated for centuries. Our vibrant Department of Philosophy offers multiple ways of studying this engaging and inquisitive humanities discipline at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The Department of Philosophy includes diverse learning formats that incorporate experiential learning, independent and group study, group discussion, public dialogue, and lectures. Courses like Project in Applied Philosophy (PHL 802) and Philosophy Engaging Communities (PHL 803) allow students to apply their coursework to contemporary social issues.

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Chair Profile

Dr. Robert Murray holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. At the undergraduate level, Dr. Murray remains something of a generalist and has enjoyed teaching many of the undergraduate philosophy courses at Ryerson. At the graduate level, he specializes in moral agency and social and political philosophy.  Current research concerns two general lines of criticisms against procedural liberalism as developed by Kant and Rawls. 

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