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Sociology, as of every science
is to reveal that which is hidden.
– Pierre Bourdieu

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We shape the world, and the world shapes us – and sociologists tell us how it happens and what it means. Sociology is the study of how societies work, examining our cultures, institutions, beliefs and values, exploring the hidden workings of the social world, and with this insight we learn how to achieve social change. Ryerson's Sociology Department has a long and rich history in teaching students from a wide variety of disciplines. Ryerson graduates gain practical research skills, in addition to critical thinking and writing skills – which lead to employment within career areas such as government, research, teaching, consulting, community affairs, and marketing.

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Chair Profile

Dr. Alan Sears completed his M.A at Carelton followed by his Ph.D in Sociology from Warwick. Alan’s has written or co-written three books and a number of articles and chapters focussing on social change, inequality and ways of knowing. His academic research is connected to his activist engagements in movements for social justice. He is currently working on a book on sexual liberation beyond equality rights.

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