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Our adjudication panel results are in, find out more about the winning submission here.

O'Keefe teamRyerson staff and community partners gather for a photo to promote the rejuvenation of O'Keefe laneway - 3B Photography

O'Keefe Partners

This past September, a youth member of covenant house and a Ryerson architecture student set out to reimagine the O’Keefe laneway.  Their impressive work got the attention of Covenant House, Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area and Ryerson President Sheldon Levy, receiving the green light to create a design competition to transform this important space for our campus and City. Since then, we’ve consulted the community on their needs and now we’re ready to hear your ideas.

This competition will find a winning design to move from the current reality to a future in which O’Keefe Lane is a positive space that serves as an example of how innovative thinking can change an underused space into an asset in its community. Let’s reimagine O’Keefe Lane as a complete urban space that is safe to walk through, pleasant to linger in and beautiful to look at, while retaining its practical service role in the neighbourhood.

Please review the Design Brief and Contest Rules for more information.

Please email if you have additional questions regarding the competition.

Background on O'Keefe Lane

Toronto’s laneways provide a finer degree of permeability across the downtown and midtown areas of the city. They facilitate delivery and parking access to adjacent buildings, and provide alternative pedestrian and cycling routes to connect local destinations including parks, workplaces, schools, shops, restaurants and homes. 

The laneway falls within the overlapping areas governed by the RU Master Plan and the Downtown Yonge BIA (DYBIA) Public Realm Strategy, and competition teams should pay particular attention to the principles of urban intensification, pedestrian-oriented development, economic strength, mobility, public health, safety, social cohesion and physical environmental quality articulated in those documents

O'Keefe Partners