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Arts in action 2014/9
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Ryerson Academic Plan
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Dean's Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson University. Like many students at Ryerson, I was the first in my immediate family to attend university. I was a young undergraduate in a liberal arts program, and my education opened up a new world to me. Post-secondary studies piqued my intellectual curiosity, honed my research and communication skills and connected me in new and profound ways to local and global communities. For most students, whether they pursue a degree in the humanities, social sciences or interdisciplinary subjects, a university education is an important foundation for their future lives.

Many decades later, I am honoured to lead a large, dynamic and growing faculty within one of Canada‚Äôs most innovative, bold and culturally diverse universities. The Faculty of Arts is home to internationally acclaimed researchers from the humanities, social sciences and emerging multidisciplinary fields, award-winning teachers, innovative community partners and talented, energetic and inspired students. We also collaborate with a celebrated group of distinguished visiting professors and practitioners. Our innovative programs and centres of research reflect social, political and economic trends locally, nationally and internationally.  

The Faculty of Arts is young and vibrant, and one of the fastest-growing university faculties in Canada: we have launched more than 80% of our programs since 2005. Our 14 undergraduate academic programs and 12 Arts or interdisciplinary graduate programs focus on community engagement and real-world outcomes, and graduate bright and distinguished students. Our graduates possess keen research, communication and interaction skills that are a rich resource as they undertake pursuits in the professional, governmental and corporate worlds.

An education in the Faculty of Arts is a powerful way to grow and excel, gain new knowledge, make meaningful connections and explore options for your career or further study. We are committed to providing you with a rich and rewarding experience that serves as a springboard for your future success.

Pamela Sugiman