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Shuguang Wang

Claus Rinner


PhD, GISP, Chair Geography and Environmental Studies


JOR 613


416-979-5000 Ext. 2686

Email Address:


Within Geographic Information Science, Dr. Rinner’s research aims to develop novel tools for, and improve existing approaches to, geovisual analytics, participatory mapping, and spatial decision support, with applications in public health, social policy, and environmental planning. He is co-author of a 2015 Springer monograph on Multicriteria Decision Analysis in Geographic Information Science, which summarizes the results of two NSERC Discovery Grants held 2004-09 and 2011-16. The work represented in Dr. Rinner’s 28 peer-reviewed articles was also funded by the GEOIDE Network of Centres of Excellence (2005-09, 2009-12), a SSHRC Insight Development Grant (2012-14), and an ongoing SSHRC Partnership Grant (2013-18). Dr. Rinner has three publications with over 100 citations and an h-index of 21.

Dr. Rinner enjoys working with individual research students and takes many leads from them. He recently got into blogging, tweeting, humanitarian mapping, as well as mapping just for fun. For example, his Season’s Greetings card with a map of traffic lights from Toronto’s open data catalog is included in the Canadian exhibit at the 2015 International Cartographic Conference. In Dr. Rinner’s opinion, “higher education and research are inseparable, in particular when it comes to curiosity-driven research.” He also notes that “Geography has tremendous potential to contribute to initiatives across Arts and Ryerson, since the data used and decisions made in academia, government, and business almost always have a geospatial component, making them mappable”.

In his new role as Department Chair, Dr. Rinner aims to promote the unit’s long-standing tradition of experiential, career-focused learning, while increasing the diversity of programs, fostering student research and entrepreneurship, and enhancing the fun factor in Geography and Environmental Studies.