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About Yellowhead Institute


Yellowhead Institute generates critical policy perspectives in support of First Nation jurisdiction.

The Institute is a First Nation-led research centre based in the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. Privileging First Nation philosophy and rooted in community networks, Yellowhead is specifically focused on policies related to land and governance. The Institute offers critical and accessible resources for communities in their pursuit of self-determination. It also aims to foster education and dialogue on First Nation governance across fields of study, between the University and the wider community, and among Indigenous peoples and Canadians.

Five Core Objectives:

  1. Shaping new governance models and supporting governance work in First Nations communities and urban communities
  2. Influencing policy development and holding governments accountable for policies affecting First Nations
  3. Contributing to public education on the legal and political relationship between first Nations and Canada
  4. Facilitating opportunities for, and supporting Indigenous students and researchers
  5. Building solidarity with non-Indigenous students and researchers


Contact Us

Hayden King

Executive Director, Yellowhead Institute

Advisor to the Dean on Indigenous Education, Faculty of Arts, Ryerson University

Jorgenson Hall, Room: JOR 122 - 350 Victoria St., Toronto, ON, M5B 2K3

416-979-5000 Ext. 543483