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Evan Cleave

Dr. Evan Cleave

DepartmentDepartment of Geography and Environmental Studies

Dr. Evan Cleave is joining the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Ryerson from the University of Toronto Mississauga where he was a SSHRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Geography. Previously, Evan received his PhD and MA from the Department of Geography at the University of Western Ontario. Prior to that he earned his M.GIS from the University of Calgary and his BA (Honours) from Queen’s University.

Evan is a human geographer whose research and teaching focuses on issues of urban, economic, and business geography. His doctoral research was on understanding the effectiveness of place branding in influencing decision-making of businesses, talent, and immigrants. Evan’s current work seeks to examine issues of effective local economic development planning and local finance. Further research explores the changing spatial distribution of manufacturing in Ontario, the spatial-temporal patterns of plant closure, and their impacts on affected workers and communities. Finally, Evan is using the recent Amazon HQ2 competition as a jumping off point to investigate contemporary the business attraction strategies of cities, as well as the key factors that drive location decision-making of large firms.

Underlying all his research is the goal of making strong academic advancements, as well as providing tangible contributions and practical information to all those interested in urban and economic development. Evan is a staunch believer in collaborative research with students and faculty and looks forward to continuing his research and forming new collaborations at Ryerson.

"Ryerson University and the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies have excellent reputations for challenging its students to develop strong scholastic skills and in-depth theory and knowledge, while also providing students with the technical and professional expertise needed to find a job in the dynamic economic landscapes of Toronto, Ontario, and Canada. And to me equally important is the presence of an active student population who are eager to learn and participate in all aspects of academia. I am excited to become part of this exceptional community at Ryerson."