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Jason Deska

Dr. Jason Deska

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jason Deska joins the Department of Psychology as a tenure-track assistant professor. He comes to Ryerson University from the University of Toronto where he completed his postdoctoral training. Prior to that, he received his MA and PhD in social psychology at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) and his BA at the University of Notre Dame (South Bend, Indiana).

Dr. Deska is trained as a social cognitive psychologist. In his research, he uses a social perception framework to investigate how differential judgment and treatment manifests both between and within social groups. Specifically, Dr. Deska examines how social category membership (e.g., race, socioeconomic status, gender) and individuals’ features (e.g., facial appearance, emotion expression, body shape) lead to discrimination and dehumanization. Furthermore, he looks at how these judgments can be both be the cause and consequence of inequality. Motivating this research is a desire to both advance scientific theory as well as to address pressing social justice issues.

"I am excited to have the privilege of teaching the wonderful students at Ryerson University. Ryerson is a vibrant university with a passionate and diverse student body. I am eager to establish collaborative relationships with the faculty and students here, and to contribute to the ongoing growth of the university."