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Student Spotlight

Ottilie (Kate) Grisdale

Ottilie (Kate) Grisdale




IID Series Leader


Arts and Contemporary Studies




Which projects and/or groups were you involved with at Ryerson?

From 2009-2012, I had the privilege of co-leading the Ryerson International Issues Discussion (IID) series. Founded in 2005, the IID is a student-led forum, which seeks to engage all members of the Ryerson community on major events and issues in contemporary global affairs through reasoned, objective, and scholarly discourse. The IID is an unaffiliated and apolitical group that welcomes all students to get involved and further their understanding of the world today.

From my work with the IID, I was honored to be a part of the inaugural Ted-X Ryerson Conference of 2011. My ‘TedX-talk’ focused on the importance of moderate dialogue of contemporary global affairs as a means of sustaining peaceful and respectful communities.

How did your projects impact the Ryerson community?

Over the years I believe the IID has helped foster a new standard for international events dialogue on campus that is inquisitive yet respectful. However, the successful impact of the IID within the Ryerson community is a direct product and reflection of the Ryerson community itself.

In 2011, the IID started a new tradition of a six part speaker forums, which were dedicated to exploring a particularly sensitive issue in international affairs from a variety of perspectives throughout the academic term. The success of IID forums, which have covered issues including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and India-Pakistan relations, lies with the Ryerson community because the topics and attendance are entirely community driven. It is from the members of the Ryerson community that IID received some of its most successful subject lecture suggestions and it was incredible to see the discussions progress during the question period of each successive lecture night.



Arts Innovator Ottilie (Kate) Grisdale From 2009-2012, has had the privilege of co-leading the Ryerson International Issues Discussion (IID) series.

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