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Research & Innovation

Celebrating Research and Innovation

Celebrating Research and Innovation

Ryerson Arts: leaders in research, innovation, and creative practice

Over the past decade, Faculty of Arts scholars have distinguished themselves as world-class researchers, producing cutting-edge and innovative work in their fields. From digital culture and Canadian heritage to semiotics and robots, from post-traumatic stress and immigration policies to music and brain control, the Faculty of Arts is leading the way!

Currently, 71 researchers have over $14 million in active grants. Our faculty have won funding from national programs including CFI, CIHR, CRC, NSERC, SSHRC, provincial agencies, US agencies and international research consortiums, as well as from the private sector and from non-governmental organizations such as the John Templeton Foundation, Parkinson Society Canada, Ontario HIV Treatment Network, The Law Foundation of Ontario, and The Ontario Mental Health Foundation.

We are also advancing research beyond our university walls by partnering with industries on projects, including: Collective Responses to Precarious Employment (JVS Toronto, Toronto Training Board and the Department of Politics & Public Administration); and Hear the World (Phonak AG and Department of Psychology). Globally, our faculty members have engaged in scholarly initiatives in areas such as social justice and economic liberalization in India; climate change in the Arctic; and special education services for students in the Bahamas.

Visit our Funding page for information about grants and funding opportunities available to you.

For support related to your research or other creative endeavors, please contact Dr. Alexandra V. Orlova, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies by email at or by phone at 416-979-5000, ext. 6413.

Visit our Research Chairs and Centres page to learn about the chairs, centres, and institutes associated with the Faculty of Arts.

Visit our Research and Innovation Spotlights page to read about some of the accomplishments and diverse research expertise of faculty members in the humanities and social sciences.