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Research & Innovation Spotlights

Professors in the Faculty of Arts produce cutting-edge scholarship. They are invested in discovering new ways of seeing and understanding the world. An impressive number of Arts' students are featured as research assistants and collaborators in the discovery and dissemination of research. Our Ideas Factory is buzzing with creative and scholarly pursuits. They study issues of youth and the labour movement, literature and diaspora, the environment and urban sustainability, criminal justice and policing, world banking and finance, as well as post-traumatic stress and music cognition to name but a few.

    • Sociology
      Department: Dr. Sugiman is a consummate researcher. She is currently working on a SSHRC-funded memory project involving gender and livelihoods. She is comparing the memories of working-class women in Oshawa, Ontario, Preston, Nova Scotia, and Lethbridge, Alberta, from girlhood to old age.
    • Criminology
      Department: Ryerson's Sara Thompson, right, and Sandra Bucerius, of U of T, lead a unique study on how community dynamics can increase or decrease the risk of terrorist activity.
    • Politics
      Department: New politics chair Sorpong Peou’s research on human security examines international response to governments that harm their own citizens.
      Areas of Expertise: Politics and Public Administration
    • Psychology
      Department: The Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, led by Dr. Tisha Ornstein and the Psychophysiology Lab led by and Dr. Kristin Vickers, in collaboration with the Frederick W. Thompson Anxiety Disorders Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, are carrying out a study examining cognitive functions and treatment efficacy in individuals with OCD and OCD Spectrum Disorders.
    • Psychology
      Department: Professor Trevor Hart, director of Ryerson University's HIV Prevention Lab, co-authored study that suggests street youth who have been sexually abused as children tend to trade sex for basic needs such as food, shelter and clothes.
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