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Research & Innovation Spotlights

Professors in the Faculty of Arts produce cutting-edge scholarship. They are invested in discovering new ways of seeing and understanding the world. An impressive number of Arts' students are featured as research assistants and collaborators in the discovery and dissemination of research. Our Ideas Factory is buzzing with creative and scholarly pursuits. They study issues of youth and the labour movement, literature and diaspora, the environment and urban sustainability, criminal justice and policing, world banking and finance, as well as post-traumatic stress and music cognition to name but a few.

    • Psychology
      Department: Trevor Hart (HIV Prevention Lab) and David Day (Psychology of Crime and Delinquency Lab) are collaborating on research concerning risky health-related behaviours, with a focus on injury risk and sexual risk behaviours among incarcerated juvenile offenders.
    • Sociology
      Department: Winnie Ng, Unifor Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy, led a study documenting experiences of some of the older racialized workers who lost their jobs after big auto-parts manufacturer closed down in 2008.
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