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Innovative Research Centres and Institutes

The Faculty of Arts is home to several prestigious research chairs, including a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, and boasts a thriving culture of centres and institutes. The chairs and centres represent dynamic focal points for world-class research, innovation, and creative practice. Several faculty members serve as chairs or directors of centres linked or housed across Ryerson Faculties including the Ted Rogers School of Management (Eaton Chair) and the Faculty of Community Services (Sam Gindin Chair) as well as across graduate programs including Literatures of Modernity (MA), Policy Studies (PhD), Psychology (MA/PhD), Public Policy & Administration (MA), and Spatial Analysis (MA). Additional links connect interdisciplinary programs in Communication and Culture (MA/PhD) and in Immigration and Settlement Studies (MA).

Canada Research Chairs

Canada Research Chair in Modern Literature & Culture (Tier 1)

Established in 2005, the Canada Research Chair Program in Modern Literature and Culture is housed in the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson University with links to English, Image Arts, Fashion, and the Graduate Program in Communication and Culture. Dr. Irene Gammel, a Professor in Ryerson’s Department of English, is the Canada Research Chair in Modern Literature and Culture and the Director of the Centre.

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Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Aging
(Tier 2)

Julia Spaniol’s research explores the impact of aging on both contextual decisions, such as the timing of an event, and on decision-making. As these thought processes decrease when people get older, motivational and emotional capacities tend to stabilize or improve with age. Spaniol investigates how motivation and reward can affect cognition throughout a lifespan and how maximizing the cognitive strengths of older adults could help to counterbalance cognitive deficits.

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Other Chairs

Unifor National Chair in Social Justice and Democracy

The mandate of the Unifor National Chair in Social Justice and Democracyy — the first union-endowed chair at a Canadian university — is to create a hub of interaction between social justice activists and academics at Ryerson. Kiké Roach is the current Unifor Chair.

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The Jack Layton Chair

Jack Layton began his political career as a Ryersonian. The Jack Layton Chair advances Layton’s legacy of political and humanitarian leadership by engaging in a variety of activities that are in keeping with his wide-ranging interests and commitments on issues as diverse as environmental sustainability, homelessness, homophobia, liveable cities, violence against women, labour rights, youth engagement, public health, and inclusive democracy. Dr. Ken Moffatt, a Professor in Ryerson’s Department of Social Work, currently serves as The Jack Layton Chair. Donate to the Jack Layton Chair program.

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Research Centres

Centre for Digital Humanities

By engaging in collaborative research at the critical intersection of the material and the digital, The Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) contributes to scholarly and societal knowledge about cultural objects, makers, and users. Through the iterative process of designing online environments for the preservation, visualization, and analysis of cultural texts and histories, CDH projects investigate the ways in which digital mediation fosters new ways of critical thinking through making.

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Centre for Middle East and North African Studies

The MENA Studies Centre seeks to foster understanding of the cultural, political, and social context of a region that tends to be misunderstood in North America. Through the research activities of the Centre, we promote dialogue across disciplinary boundaries, as well as between the University and the broader community of which we are a part. The primary mandate of the Centre is thus to educate and to enable greater learning and understanding, as well as strengthen interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration among researchers and members of the community.

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Centre for Policy Innovation and Public Engagement

The Centre for Policy Innovation and Public Engagement  provides a forum for the pursuit and promotion of inter-disciplinary research, education, and professional applications relating to public policy innovation. The mission of the Centre will be to promote collaborative, interdisciplinary research, teaching, learning and partnership opportunities relating to innovative policy solutions around a range of topical, contentious and difficult social issues.

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Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre

The Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre researches literary and cultural production in the modernist era (from 1880 to 1940), and preserves and advances modernist women’s heritage while promoting modern Canadian heritage within an international context. The Centre focuses on early twentieth-century modern literature and culture within a broad range of topics such as avant-garde literature and art, salon culture, visual culture, Modernism, modernist biography and life writing.

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Research Collaboratories

Arts Research Collaboratory

The Arts Research Collaboratory (ARC) facilitates innovative interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences, bringing together Ryerson Arts faculty as Fellows to form a team of member researchers. Collaboration within the ARC and with external consortia transcends disciplinary boundaries, enabling multidimensional research into selected critical themes.

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