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Student Experience Centre Team - About Us


The Student Experience Centre comprises a team of professionals who specialize in community-engaged teaching and learning, educational and career planning, personal counselling, and student life and leadership. We welcome the opportunity to work with you. Come visit us in the Podium, POD–344.


The Team
Jill Careless Photograph

Jill Careless, B.A.
Community Liaison / Experiential Learning Coordinator

Office: POD – 344 J
Phone: 416 979 5000 ext 4798

Jill Careless provides support to students and faculty in the area of co – curricular experiential learning locally and internationally. She works with students as they bridge their experiences in the classroom with meaningful opportunities in the community and abroad, supporting these experiences with training and reflection. Before coming to Ryerson Jill was involved in rural development and education initiatives in Haiti and worked with YMCAs in Toronto and Beirut to develop youth civic engagement programs. She has a International Development Studies from the University of Guelph.

Ruth Frolic Photograph

Ruth Frolic, M.Ed.
Personal Counsellor

Office: POD – 344 H
Phone: 416 979 5000 ext 4847

Ruth Frolic provides individual and group counselling services, on a wide range of personal issues, to Faculty of Arts students as well as other Ryerson students. She also refers students to other supportive services within the University and the community. Ruth holds a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology (OISE/UT), in addition to a Masters of Arts in English Literature (University of Toronto). Before working at Ryerson, Ruth worked in both an administrative and counselling capacity at other universities in Toronto, as well as in community development for the non – profit sector.

Kathleen Kellett, Ph.D.
Associate Dean – Faculty of Arts

Office: JOR 118
Phone: 416 979 5000 ext 6196

Kathleen Kellett-Betsos is the Director of the Student Experience Centre and is currently serving as the Associate Dean, Students and Undergraduate Studies, in the Faculty of Arts. As Associate Dean, he provides leadership and strategic planning for developing and implementing initiatives to enhance student engagement and experiential learning in the Faculty of Arts.

Reena Tandon Photograph

Reena Tandon, Ph.D.
Community-Engaged Learning & Teaching Coordinator

Office: POD 344 D
Phone: 416 979 5000 ext. 5321

Reena Tandon provides consultation and support to Arts faculty to help them develop, integrate, and implement community-engaged experiential learning projects for students in their courses. Reena brings more than two decades of diverse professional experience, as a community engaged scholar, educator and practitioner, to her current role. Dr. Tandon has authored a number of scholarly works and has taught at universities in New Delhi, India as well as at Ryerson University and the University of Toronto.  

Sonny Wong Photograph

Sonny Wong, M.Ed.
Career Counsellor 

Office: POD 344 K
Phone: 416 979 5000 ext 2141

Sonny Wong holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education/Counselling Psychology with a focus on Work and Career from the University of Toronto – OISE. He is also a good standing member of OACCPP – Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists, and Psychotherapists. As a Career Practitioner, Sonny offers one-on-one assistance and customized career education designed to assist clients in developing self-efficacy in the areas of educational and career decision making with the goal of constructing healthy career identity.


Avala Moore, B.A.
Student Life Advisor

Office: POD 344 M
Phone: 416 979 5000 ext. 2124

Avala Moore is leading the planning and implementation of the 2015 Faculty of Arts Enrollment Workshops and Orientation, in collaboration with faculty, staff, student leaders, and volunteers. She is also a resource for students who are interested in becoming engaged within Arts and the wider Ryerson community. Avala holds a B.A. in Arts and Contemporary Studies from Ryerson University and is currently working on her MDiv. at the University of Toronto. She worked as a Student Life Assistant in the Student Experience Center and was the Orientation Crew Lead for Ryerson's 2013 Orientation Week.


Marzia Riaz
Student Life Assistant

Office: POD 344 B
Phone: 416 979 5000 ext. 2719

Marzia Riaz is the new Faculty of Arts Student Life Assistant for this summer! This fall she will be entering her fourth year of the Psychology program. She had previously served as the 2015-2016 Ryerson Arts Society President, after chairing the steering committee for the initiative. She is also an active volunteer for the Faculty of arts and one of the three Faculty of Arts Directors for the RSU. She is incredibly happy and excited to be working as a part of the Student Experience Team this summer.


Olivia Trojko
ACS/SECT Student Life Advisor Assistant

Office: POD 344 B
Phone: 416 979 5000 ext. 2719

Olivia Trojko is the new ACS/SECT Student Life Advisor Assistant in the Student Experience Center. She is going into her 3rd year of Arts and Contemporary studies where she is majoring in the interdisciplinary option of Diversity and Equity with a minor in Sociology. The past academic year she was the 2nd year rep. within the ACS program.