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The Student Experience Centre builds partnerships in the University as well as the broader community that provide students with enriched educational opportunities.

Community partners tell us that there are many benefits to getting involved with students' learning. It provides an ongoing link with Ryerson, access to new ideas and energy, fosters public engagement in issues important to the partner, and provides a way to contribute to the education and training of future workers. Projects and activities are selected based on the priorities of our community partners. Examples include:

  • Students use research and statistics to help nonprofit agencies answer important questions about their programs and community
  • Students provide mentoring and academic support to elementary and high school students in school, after-school and community programs
  • Students provide a range of skill-based supports that are complimentary to a partners’ existing programs and initiatives. 

The Faculty of Arts is interested in developing partnerships within Ryerson as well as with schools, community agencies, businesses, and organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. Please contact us with your ideas, comments and suggestions.