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Career Services and Resources  

The Faculty of Arts Career Counsellor works collaboratively with faculty and staff to provide a range of services that address students' educational and career planning needs. The Career Counsellor will assess the needs of students in your program and can design and deliver a customized educational/career workshop, either within the classroom or as an extra-curricular event. Here are examples of program-specific workshops and career lectures that have been delivered.

  • How to Maximize Your Degree in Arts and Contemporary Studies
  • What do I do with an English Degree?
  • Career Planning for Sociology Students
  • I want to be lawyer. What are other options in law?
  • What are my teachable subjects as a Sociology Major?
  • What are my teachable subjects as an English student?
  • I'm a History/Philosophy Major – What are My Career Options?

To request a customized career workshop or event, contact the Faculty of Arts Career Counsellor. Due to the high demand for this service, please allow some time for workshop content research
and development.

Faculty and staff will also find a wealth of educational and career-planning resources for students in their program at the Student Experience Centre website