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Student Engagement and Leadership  

The Faculty of Arts Student Life Coordinator works to increase student engagement by building relationships and increasing interactions between students, staff, faculty and alumni. The Student Life Coordinator supports student-led initiatives, is a resource to students for opportunities to get involved within Arts and the Ryerson community, and administers the Faculty of Arts Student Project Grants. The following supports are provided:

  • Assists students who have an idea for a project/initiative and need help getting started and/or are interested in applying for funding for their initiatives
  • Liaises with course union leaders; supports programs with course union elections
  • Provides volunteer training and volunteer management for Faculty-wide and program-specific initiatives/events
  • Liaises with faculty and staff on Faculty-wide events such as Arts Orientation and
    Enrollment Workshops
  • Provides support for establishing and maintaining alumni associations
  • Assists students with the risk assessment process for student-run events both on and off campus.

Faculty and staff can contact the Arts Student Life Coordinator with referrals or to request assistance and support in planning and implementing student engagement initiatives.