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Community Engaged Learning and Teaching

Are you interested in experiential learning opportunities that are part of your course credit? Do you want to know how and where your academic knowledge can be applied in practical situations? Would you like to enhance your professional skills while earning a course credit?

The Faculty of Arts offers social science and humanities courses that engage you in projects and activities with a wide range of public, not-for-profit and private sector organizations, agencies, and institutions in the community. You may participate in community-engaged learning opportunities as either an optional or required component of a course.

Faculty of Arts students in community-engaged learning and teaching (CELT) courses have developed brochures for a community organizations on topics such as addictions and coping with stress; used qualitative and quantitative research methods to explore links between adult learning and poverty reduction to support a non-profit organization's work in program development and advocacy; worked in a political office of a local MP or MPP; collaborated with Human Rights Watch to raise public consciousness regarding human rights issues internationally and in Canada; organized a town hall to seek community feedback on a hip-hop street festival; and more. For a list of CELT courses offered in the Faculty of Arts, please click the links below:




Community-engaged learning and teaching (CELT) courses provide you with opportunities to:

  • Apply theoretical and conceptual knowledge to real life and professional contexts

  • Affiliate with collaborating partners, relevant to your discipline of study

  • Broaden your educational perspective and enhance your learning

  • Gain experience in working in different professional contexts and sectors

  • Develop professional skills, such as research and analysis, program planning and evaluation, and written communication

  • Expand your networks

  • Gain insight into your educational and career direction.

For more information and for a list of CELT courses in the upcoming academic term, contact:

Dr. Reena Tandon at

I enjoyed applying what we learned in class to the real world and interacting with community organizations.
I liked that my school assignment could actually be used in the real world for something good.
CELT opened my mind to the inequality in our society, not just in all [of] Canada but locally.
I gained teaching skills needed for my future.