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CELT Activities and Projects

Here are examples of the activities and projects undertaken by students in CELT courses in the Faculty of Arts.

Ryerson College Resources


ACS 402: Introduction to Global Studies

Students engaged in education and outreach to help Human Rights Watch (HRW) advance the advocacy and outreach goals of the HRW Film Festival - to raise public consciousness regarding human rights issues internationally and in Canada. They also developed a social media strategy and campaign to help promote the opening film. (Click here for student-produced poster at the HRW Film Festival.

PSY 215: Psychology of Addictions

Students produced brochures for use by Ryerson's Centre for Student Development and Counseling (CSDC). Click here for an example of a brochure.

PSY 805 Adjustment, Stress & Coping

Students developed brochures on topics relevant to the community partners. For example, students produced a brochure for Ryerson University's Student Housing Services, titled "Stress of Managing Time: For Students Living in Residence".

SOC 481: Survey Design and Analysis

Students conducted survey, data analysis and produced reports for different partners.

SOC 483: Advanced Research and Statistics

Students conducted intensive research and produced reports for community organizations that analyzed Statistics Canada data.

SSH502 – Community Action Research

In analyzing Ryerson-on-Yonge in historic context, students worked with the Ryerson Library and Archives to interpret the social and cultural significance of the new building on Yonge at Gould Street and produced a blog Ryerson on Yonge.