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Explore Your Educational and Professional Paths


Explore your educational and career path by taking advantage of a range of resources and services that are customized and specialized for Faculty of Arts students in social science and humanities programs. Develop a healthy career identity as well as career-relevant skills and make educational and career decisions that are right for you. 

The resources and services offered by the Faculty of Arts Career Counsellor will help you:

  • Clarify your career goals and degree choice
  • Develop an action plan to get your career path started
  • Identify skills, values and work options
  • Learn how to find descriptions of careers and industry information
  • Learn how to find and identify meaningful opportunities
  • Prepare for professional and graduate school
  • Develop and hone career skills.

Explore the website to get started – have fun!
Questions? Contact Sonny Wong, the Faculty of Arts Career Counsellor:; POD-344-K.