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Individual Career Counselling

How can social science and humanities graduates obtain successful careers? The answer is simple – reach out and talk about what you may want to do. The Faculty of Arts Career Counsellor is dedicated to helping you overcome your educational/career barriers and develop new career – relevant skills. Career counselling is about facilitating self development in order for you to feel confident in making the right educational and career decisions. 

A career counsellor is a professional who works with individuals to build and maintain a healthy career identity. If you have re-occurring concerns about any of the following issues, then individual career counselling or participating in a group workshop can help you clarify your situation.

  • “I don’t know what my degree is all about and what I can do with it.”
  • "I'm not sure that I am in the right program."
  • “My parents and friends tell me that my Arts degree is too general .”
  • “I am feeling the pressure to find out what I am going to do after I graduate.”
  • “I am not feeling motivated to continue my studies because my education does not relate to  what I really want to do with my life.”
  • “My parents feel that I am wasting my time – and now I feel like I should transfer programs.”
  • “My friends who are in professional programs are just better off compared to me.”
  • “Graduate and/or Professional School is what I want to do; but what are my options?”
  • “How do I start finding out which program or career is right for me?”
  • “In social situations, I don’t tell others that I'm in a liberal arts program  because I know what they
    will say.”

To book your confidential, individual career counselling appointment, please email Please indicate your availability to meet.