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Are you interested in gaining hands-on experience through community involvement this semester but not sure how to get started? The Faculty of Arts INVOLVED program will help you identify your interests and skills and match them with existing community opportunities.

Sign up for and come out to a Get INVOLVED workshop.  This workshop will help you explore and identify your interests, provide an overview of existing community partners and volunteer opportunities and will show you how to navigate the wide range of opportunities across the Greater Toronto Area.   Workshops are offered on an on-going basis, but registration is required since space is limited. To register, link here

After you have completed a Get INVOLVED workshop, you have access to the INVOLVED drop ins, where you will learn about emerging opportunities, receive help with applications, and meet others who are looking for or are active in community initiatives.  You will also have access to one-on-one support from an advisor who can help you set and meet your goals.  You will have the option to develop an e-portfolio, which serves as a valuable resource for future job searches.  Active participants are eligible to receive a letter of reference documenting their participation in the program. 

There are many benefits to participating in the INVOLVED program. You will:

  • acquire a better understanding of community involvement opportunities and inroads that relate to your interests;
  • receive support and feedback from a advisor who is interested in your progress and in connecting you to resources;
  • have opportunities to reflect on learning experiences and skills acquired through your involvement, which can be documented in e-portfolio;
  • receive a letter of reference that describes your involvement in the program.

Register for a Get INVOLVED workshop or contact the Community Liaison for more information.