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Where Can I go on Exchange?         

Each of our exchange partners is linked with specific departments/programs in the Faculty of Arts. Click here to see which exchanges are currently open to students in your program. Please note that ALL Ryerson students are eligible to apply for the:

University Wide Exchange Opportunities

For detailed write ups on our partner institutions, click here.

My exchange was a life changing experience. I learned so much about other cultures, but also I learned a lot about myself. It can seem like a huge undertaking, submitting applications, researching your options, saving money, but I promise you it is well worth it.


My life won't ever be the same, the people I have had the chance to meet, the places I have been able to travel to with such ease, the foods, sights, feelings, experiences I have been able to take with me are unforgettable. Take the plunge. You'll thank yourself and Ryerson for the opportunity.