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Application Process and Forms

Please note that the following requests are ineligible for funding: salaries for students; funding for food or beverage (unless part of catering costs); costs associated with mandatory travel related to a course; expenses already covered by another program; equipment that will become the property of an individual student, or an individual or group not affiliated with Ryerson; medical or legal costs related to the project (e.g., vaccinations, passports, travel insurance, etc.); standard tuition costs; normally, projects that primarily involve assisting faculty research will be deemed ineligible. Normally, requests for course fees will be considered ineligible.

Before submitting your application, please be sure to carefully read all of the information about the grant that is provided on this website. To apply for the Student Project Grant, please complete the appropriate Faculty of Arts Student Project Application Form and follow the submission instructions below. It is highly recommended that you contact prior to submitting your SPG application.



This application is for students who are seeking funding to coordinate projects, events, and activities that do not involve international travel. It could be taking place either on campus at Ryerson or in the community.

Download the Faculty of Arts Student Project Grant Application Form - General Projects and Events.

PDF file       Word DOCX


This application is for students seeking funding to attend, present at, and/or participate in conferences either locally, nationally or internationally. This could be at academic or non-academic conferences.

Download the Faculty of Arts Student Project Grant Application Form – Conference.

PDF file       Word DOCX


This application is for students seeking funding to travel internationally to work, study, or volunteer. Please note that international projects must demonstrate that the initiative meets high ethical standards of community development and anti-oppression.

Download the Faculty of Arts Student Project Grant Application Form – International Projects.

PDF file        Word DOCX

NOTE: For projects involving non-course related research, supervision by a faculty member is required. Applicants must submit their research project to a faculty supervisor for ethics review and approval prior to applying for funding. (Refer to Research Ethics: Student Research for more information on undergraduate students as researchers and the role of faculty members in supervising undergraduate student research.) Applicants must submit a letter of support from the faculty supervisor, which states that an ethics review was completed, along with the application.

Instructions on completing and submitting your application form:

1.     SELECT the appropriate application form.

2.     DOWNLOAD the MS WORD or PDF application.

3.     COMPLETE the application form on your computer.

4.     Remember to SAVE the application form.

5.     Ensure all DETAILS are correct and information is included.

6.     PRINT and SIGN the APPLICATION. You can do so for free in the Faculty of Arts Computer Lab, POD 356.

7.     ATTACH any additional information (such as Faculty letters of support, risk assessments, budgets, lists of attendees, conference information, etc.)

8.     *SUBMIT the APPLICATION FORM and additional documents (signed and dated), in electronic PDF format only, to Arts Student Life at