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Funding Requirements

If a project is approved for funding, applicants must:

  • agree to submit a short reflection paper, along with evaluation results of the project/initiative (where applicable), within three weeks of completion of the project (see Reflection Paper Guidelines and Tip Sheet).
  • agree to present their project to Faculty of Arts students and faculty at an event in the subsequent semester if requested.
  • agree to obtain signed consent from people who will be photographed/filmed during the project. Link here for the Ryerson University Consent Form
  • agree to submit digital pictures and/or audio-visual images of the project event/activities, if applicable, along with all signed Consent Forms
  • consent to the reflection paper and picture(s) being used in promotional materials for the Faculty of Arts
  • provide original receipts or invoices for all expenses, before funds are released. This includes original boarding passes and tickets for events and travel.
  • provide documentation of Ryerson's Risk Assessment Form approval, if applicable, before funds are released.
  • complete a risk management process with Ryerson International (RI), if international travel is involved. This must occur before funds are released. This process will require completing and submitting documentation of RI approval of the Travel Risk Assessment Form, and submitting a signed Student Liability Waiver.

Failure to abide by the terms and conditions of this grant will result in being deemed ineligible for future Student Project Grants. The Faculty of Arts reserves the right to deny funding if participation in the proposed project/activity puts anyone in perceived harm, or if the project's aims are inconsistent with the mandate of this program.


  • Recipients applying for the SPG grant should provide the receipts, not other members involved in the project. Applicants approved for the funding should be responsible to pay for any costs and provide receipts for proper reimbursement.
  • The name of the recipient requesting a refund should have their name appear on any documentation if applicable (i.e. invoice, statement).
  • It’s best to use the same credit card for all purchases so that the name and last 4 digits of the credit card appear on all receipts. When possible, please ensure the name of the credit card holder appears the same as the person being issued the receipt/invoice.
  • If travelling, original tickets or original boarding passes must be submitted for reimbursement. Travel itineraries or email confirmations are not accepted.
  • All invoices must be paid in order to be reimbursed.
  • List of attendees should be recorded if organizing an event.
  • When possible, please do not submit a receipt(s) that exceeds the total amount granted/approved for SPG.
  • Photocopies and scanned receipts, invoices, etc. are not accepted. Originals must be submitted. Receipts for items purchased online (i.e. conference registration) can be submitted electronically via email or printed and submitted.
  • Please do not staple receipts
  • Please submit original receipts/invoices/statements etc. in person not via mail.


In addition to the Faculty of Arts Student Project Grant, here are other sources of funding at Ryerson for student-led initiatives and projects.

  • Student Initiatives Fund (SIF): Ryerson's Student Projects Fund was created to help students create the activities and programs they want to see on campus. If you have an idea for an academic, cultural, or recreational project and need funds to get started, then submit an application to SIF. Gain experience adjudicating grant proposals by serving on the SIF Grant Review Committee. Two students from each Faculty are appointed by the Dean/Associate Dean to serve on this committee. Information:
  • Funding for International Experiences (internal awards): There are a number of internal awards – such as, The Ontario International Education Opportunity Scholarships (OIEOS), and the International Conference & Research Support Fund – to fund students’ International experiences.
  • Funding for International Experiences (external awards): There are hundreds of financial aid opportunities available to students participating in an international experience.