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Fall 2020 SSH courses

Fall 2020 - Pandemic Learning in the Faculty of Arts
Fall 2020 - Pandemic Learning in the Faculty of Arts

For incoming and returning students alike, this upcoming semester and year will be unique. The Faculty of Arts has been transforming its course offerings to support students in their transition to remote learning and to explore lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic in order to create engaging and thought-provoking learning experiences. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a once-in-a-generation event that is having life changing impacts across society in how individuals, families, and communities live, work, communicate, and operate. These special course offerings will situate the curriculum in the context of the pandemic and guide students to analyse, question, and learn how to drive change.


We are inviting students to register in a special version of SSH 100 for the Fall 2020 term with the theme of “Our Pandemic Learning”. Students in SSH 100 will reflect on what they are learning in this pandemic, and discover what this experience tells us about the ways society works and changes. The global pandemic has highlighted the impact of global inequalities on our day to day lives, as the impact of illness has fallen disproportionately on those with the least social power. This course is designed to help students become better at analyzing and taking effective action to promote wellbeing and social justice in this situation of a global pandemic and more generally over the course of their undergraduate education, and in their future. 

Please visit the course webpage to learn more about the course and how to register.

This elective course will help you prepare to succeed in a fully virtual semester.  Starting on August 19th with a 3-day intensive online class, and continuing into the fall semester with weekly meet-ups, you will learn tools and strategies to study in a virtual setting, while learning about the importance of well-being for academic success.

In this integrative course, you will learn Positive Psychology fundamentals, like gratitude, mindfulness, and self-compassion, woven together with holistic learning strategies, from time management to note-taking, studying to essay-writing. This course is being offered at no additional cost to all undergraduate Arts students registered for the fall semester.

Concerned and touched by the pandemic, especially how it affects the most marginalized in our society? 83% of people infected by COVID-19 are racialized, many live in poverty caused by precarious work, unemployment and unaffordable, overcrowded housing.

Enrol in the CAR People, Power, Change to learn from Olivia Chow, Academic Lead of the Institute for Change Leaders and a veteran organizer with decades of political experience as a city councillor and MP. This course will be supported by a team of experienced organizers who will provide small-group and one to one coaching. You will learn hands-on organizing skills so you can inspire your community to take action for social change. 

Please visit the course webpage, external link for more information and how to register.

Join us for our Making The Future course. You'll learn, from Leadership Lab Executive Director Karim Bardeesy and guest insiders and experts, how governments and institutions, and people in their communities, responded to the pandemic -- in real time. You'll gain a comprehensive briefing on the economic and social impacts of, and responses to, COVID-19 in Canada -- and the tools available to us to shape the ongoing recovery. Together, we'll explore topics such as: how income supports were created; what artists can contribute to the recovery; and whether Canada can, or should, radically re-think some of its policies coming out of the pandemic.

Please visit the course webpage, external link for more information and how to register.