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Liberal Studies

Broaden Your Horizons

Liberal studies courses are a core component of Ryerson's curriculum, designed to develop your capacity to understand and appraise the social, cultural, and scientific context in which you will work as a professional and live as an educated citizen.

Liberal studies courses broaden your horizons; they enable you to look at the world from a variety of perspectives and to pursue ideas and interests beyond your specific career studies. The courses are also designed to develop your critical thinking and analytical skills as well as your writing and oral communication skills through essay writing and seminar presentations.

Students in all Ryerson programs must complete Liberal Studies as part of the requirements for graduation.

Although liberal studies courses are outside the scope of your chosen area of study, they are highly relevant to your development as an educated, engaged person. For example, because of the liberal studies requirement, engineering students can choose courses in areas such as science fiction or art history; business management students are able to study Third World politics or religion; social work students have the opportunity to take courses in geography or early European music; and theatre students can study Caribbean culture or the history of espionage. A bonus of liberal studies courses is that you will be in classes with students from a wide range of programs at Ryerson.

Students in all Ryerson programs must complete liberal studies courses as part of the requirements for graduation.