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Liberal Studies Course Offerings

Liberal studies are offered at two levels: the lower, which are normally taken during the first two years of a four-year program, and the upper, which are normally taken during the last two years of a four-year program.

The courses offered at each level are listed under Table A and Table B in the Undergraduate Calendar.

The required number of lower and upper level liberal studies varies according to program. Liberal studies courses always have the designation (LL) or (UL) in their course description. Courses not identified as either (LL) or (UL) are not Liberal Studies courses and do not meet the Liberal Studies requirement for graduation purposes.

Certain courses listed in Table A and Table B, due to their close relation to the professional fields, cannot be taken for Liberal Studies credit by students in some programs. Please refer to the list of Table A Restrictions and Table B Restrictions in the Undergraduate Calendar for complete details.

Enrollment in Lower- and Upper-Level Liberal Studies Courses

The links below are PDFs that provide information on program bands and the list of course offerings for the Fall/Winter terms. Bands are timeslots that do not conflict with your required term courses and are used for liberal studies scheduling purposes. You must find the band number your program has been allocated in order to use the course offerings chart for the Fall/Winter terms. Once you determine your program band, select the courses from the list that match your program band number. Courses that do not match your program band number will be unavailable during the course intention period.

Please follow the steps below on how to find your program band and search for available courses offerings for liberal studies in the upcoming semesters.

Liberal Studies Program Band Chart

Lower-Level Liberal Studies Courses Fall 2018 - Winter 2019

Upper-Level Liberal Studies Courses Fall 2018 - Winter 2019

1 Find your program in the Liberal Studies Program Band Chart.
2 Note the band number assigned to your program. Bands 1 and 2 fall under Table A and band 3,4, and 5 fall under Table B.
3 Click on the course offerings chart for lower-level (Table A) or upper-level (Table B) liberal studies.  
4 Locate the courses that match your program band.