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Dean's Liberal Studies Essay Prize  

Every year, the Dean of Arts awards four academic prizes for the best essays in Liberal Studies courses from a selection nominated by faculty professors. To qualify, an essay must have been awarded a grade of A. The prizes are awarded in June. The students, their program advisors, and instructors are informed of the winners. 

2017-2018 Dean's Liberal Studies Essay Prize 

Please note that essays submitted during the Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 terms can be nominated for the Liberal Studies Essay Prize Competition in May 2018. There are four annual essay prizes awarded for essays submitted in liberal studies courses (regular or CNED) during the current academic year.  Each prize is worth $100.00 and is funded by the Dean of Arts Office. Two prizes are given for essays in lower-level courses and two for upper-level courses. The prizes will be awarded in June 2018.

Deadline to submit nomination: Friday, May 4th, 2018.


Faculty and Chang School instructors teaching liberal studies courses are asked to nominate essays.

To qualify, an essay must achieve a grade of 85% (A) or higher. A complete nomination package must include a scanned copy of the essay (written comments should be eliminated) and the signed consent form by the student considered for the award.  Students must consent to having their essays considered for a prize by signing the nomination form. Click on the link below to obtain a copy of this form. Faculty are requested to nominate up to a maximum of five of their top papers.

Download Nomination Form


The essays will be judged on their merit by a four-member committee chaired by the Dean of Arts or her representative, and comprising of faculty teaching liberal studies. The committee will announce the winners by June. The decisions of the committee are final and cannot be appealed.