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Scholarships, Awards, & Grants

Ryerson recognizes its students for their academic excellence, as well as their community involvement.

As a student in the Faculty of Arts, you will be eligible for a number of awards and scholarships, some of which require an application.

Entrance Scholarships, External Awards, and University-Wide Awards

For the most up-to-date information regarding scholarships and awards, including entrance scholarships, external awards, and university-wide awards, please visit Ryerson's Scholarships & Awards website.

Faculty of Arts Scholarships, Awards, & Grants

Dean's List 

The Dean's List recognizes undergraduate students' high academic achievement in an academic year. Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts who meet the academic criteria outlined below will receive a Letter of Congratulations from the Dean in June. This accomplishment will be noted on their transcript.

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Carla Cassidy Award

The Carla Cassidy Award recognizes an eligible fourth year student enrolled in a full-time Arts program with the highest CGPA across the Faculty of Arts, through 6 semesters of study; must demonstrate financial need. Students with the highest CGPA at the end of the sixth semester and preregistered to take at least four billing units in the upcoming fall semester will be identified and invited to apply to the award.

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COMMA Book Award

The COMMA Book Award is awarded in each of the fall and winter terms to one full-time undergraduate student who is a self-identified person from a racialized group and has demonstrated financial need. 

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Irene Gammel & Jean-Paul Boudreau Undergraduate Research Award

To be eligible students must have successfully completed a minimum of 10 semester courses towards any BA degree in the Faculty of Arts; must be enrolled in good standing and have a minimum CGPA of 2.50; must have a demonstrated minimum of 50 hours of Faculty of Arts based research experience from either a research practicum course, a research volunteership, or a research assistantship.

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Kiki Maniatakos Award

The Kiki Maniatakos Memorial Scholarships is awarded in each the fall and winter terms to 2 undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts who achieved the highest grades in Musicology (MUS 300) and Popular Music and Culture (MUS 505).

Ryerson Gold Medals 

The Ryerson Gold Medal is the University's highest student award available across all Faculties. Students are nominated for this award by their academic Program Departments. 

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These Project Grants give students the financial support they need to get their experiential learning project up and running. Participating in these student-led projects allows students to engage directly with the world around them — to shape their community, apply what they’ve learned in the classroom, learn new skills, and enrich the lives others.

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Program-Specific Scholarships and Awards

There are a number scholarships and awards that are program-specific; (i.e., they are available only to students enrolled in a particular field of study). For a list of awards and scholarships offered in your program, please see below: