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Student Spotlights

    • Brian Millado
    • History
      Department: Mark is the winner of several awards, including the Doug Webb Award in History, the Best Essay Prize in History, and the Faculty of Arts' J. D. Hague Memorial Award for community involvement.
      Phone: History
    • Munira Abukar
    • Criminal Justice
      Department: Munira is studying criminal justice at Ryerson University and her passion is trying to find a balance for equality, justice and helping others. This passion for the well-being of others spills into other aspects of her life and is the driving force behind her work.
      Phone: Criminal Justice
    • Brian Millado
    • English
      Department: Arts Innovator Brian Millado has been using the skills and knowledge that he's gained through my experience with the English program to further push my involvement with the Toronto poetry scene movement – specifically youth based projects.
      Phone: English