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Student Spotlight

Munira Abukar

Munira Abukar


Criminal Justice


Board of Directors: TCHC


Criminal Justice




Ryerson helped nurture my academic passion, guiding me on the right path for success in my future career ambitions.

The recipient of eight academic and community scholarships, Munira chose to attend Ryerson because of its distinction as a university that places an importance on experiential learning. This helped Munira align her academic studies with her advocacy of social justice and equality issues.

For Munira, getting involved in public service – such as being the youngest elected to Toronto Community Housing Corporation’s Board of Directors, organizing conferences for the Canadian Council for Refugees, and even a run for municipal office – were not necessarily active decisions. Rather, Munira saw these as the natural next steps in her university experience.

The guidance Munira received by faculty who are experts in her field of study enhanced Munira’s career prospects and offered the opportunity to learn and to lead. 


Munira is studying criminal justice at Ryerson University and her passion is trying to find a balance for equality, justice and helping others. This passion for the well-being of others spills into other aspects of her life and is the driving force behind her work.

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