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Student Spotlight

Brian Millado

Brian Millado




Co-Program Facilitator at Uniffect






Ryerson has exceeded my expectations. In addition to theoretical knowledge and analytical skills, Ryerson has given me real-life, applicable skills which I can use in both the community and the workplace.

Words speak just as loudly as actions for Brian, who found inspiration in the English program at Ryerson. Here, Brian was introduced to a wide variety of literature and creative expression to help support his passion for spoken word art and the Toronto poetry scene.

Brian is grateful that his instructors provided him with a positive place to learn and grow, and allowed his external projects to integrate with the class curriculum and assignments. From professors reaching out to Brian when he needed a helping hand to students and faculty championing Brian’s poetry slams, Brian can confidently say that community lives at Ryerson.  


Arts Innovator Brian Millado has been using the skills and knowledge that he's gained through my experience with the English program to further push my involvement with the Toronto poetry scene movement – specifically youth based projects.

Spoken Languages: