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Keystone archway in Italy

All ACS students must complete a Capstone credit in order to graduate.

Capstone courses are taken, usually, during the last year of study. Students may take a capstone course in 3rd year if they feel prepared to do so.

Students registered in an Subject Based Option (French, History, Philosophy, English) , must complete the capstone course specific to their option. In other words, if you are registered as a Philosophy Option student, then you must complete PHL 900 in order to graduate.

Students registered in an Interdisciplinary Option (Global Studies, Cultural Studies, Invention and Inquiry, Diversity and Equity) or are generalists, must complete either ACS 800 or 900.

In order to register for a Capstone course, please make sure to follow these simple steps:

  1. Determine which of the capstone courses you should register for
  2. Email to register for the course. Please make sure to include the following information:

a. Name

b. Student Number

c. The capstone course you would like to register for

d. Current GPA*

e.  Your Option (if you do not have an Option, please specify “General.”)

*Please remember that only some capstone courses have a minimum GPA requirement.

You will not see your capstone course on your timetable until enrollment appointments are complete. You cannot register yourself using RAMSS.

*ACS 950 is a Directed Research Course. Please email Dr. Patrizia Albanese if you are interested in pursuing such a course. Minimum GPA requirement for these courses is 3.33.


To apply for the ACS950 Directed Research Course download the ACS950 Application Form pdf