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Anthropology Studies

This option examines the study of anthropology in its attempts to understand the human experience, past and present, using holistic, comparative, and field based evolutionary perspectives and practices. Students will earn a strong base in anthropological history, theory and methods as well as acquire important skills allowing them to conduct research and analysis in the mode of an anthropologist, examining and interpreting the immediate world around them.

Thirteen (13) courses are required as grouped and noted below.

REQUIRED (6 courses):

ANT 100 Introduction to Anthropology
ANT 200 Anthropological Perspective
ANT 900* Anthropology Capstone
BLG 133 Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology I
BLG 233 Biological Anthropology II
LIR 400 Ethnographic Practices

Four (4) of the following:

A maximum of two (2) courses marked with a dagger (†) may be selected from this group.

GEO 326 The Geography of Early Hominins
HIS 275 Ancient Greece and Rome
HIS 277 Mediaeval Europe, 400-1350
HIS 461 Cradle of Civilization: Ancient Near East
HIS 501 Archaeology and Material Culture
HIS 502 Life Stories: Oral History
HIS 510 Museology and Public History
HIS 559 Ancient Egypt
HIS 561 The Ottoman Empire
HIS 610 Curating the Past
HIS 662 The Mughal Empire, 1526-1764
HIS 710 Managing Heritage Resources
HIS 903 Senior Seminar I: Cross-Field Study
HST 111 World Turned Upside Down: Europe 1350-1789
HST 211 Century of Revolution: Europe 1789-1914
HST 325 History of Science and Technology I
HST 407 Canada from 1885: The Struggle for Identity
HST 425 History of Science and Technology II
HST 533 Africa Before 1850
HST 580 Natives and Newcomers to 1763
HST 680 Natives and Newcomers from 1763
HST 701 Scientific Technology and Modern Society
HST 777 Medicine from Antiquity to 1500 CE
HST 786 Science and Technology in Islamic History
NPF 559 Advanced Topics in Curatorial Practices
NPF 571 Introduction to Museum and Gallery Studies

Three (3) of the following:

Many of these courses have prerequisites.

CRM 302 Criminological Theories
ECN 340 The Economics of Human Behaviour
LIR 100 Global Models in Intercultural Relations
LIR 200 Critical Practices in Intercultural Relations
LIR 300 Intercultural Negotiations
PPA 703 Dispute Resolution in Indigenous Context
PPA 705 Sustainable Development and First Nations
PSY 102 Introduction to Psychology I
PSY 124 Social Psychology
PSY 202 Introduction to Psychology II
PSY 300 Psychology and Law
PSY 324 Biological Psychology
PSY 434 Brain and Behaviour
PSY 802 Death, Dying and Bereavement
SEM 101 Sign, Sense and Meaning
SEM 102 Introduction to Visual Semiotics
SOC 105 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 107 Sociology of the Everyday
SOC 108 Indigenous Peoples and Decolonization
SOC 300 Sociology of Equity and Diversity  
SOC 305 Sociology of Deviance
SOC 319 Sociological Perspectives on Crime
SOC 427 Indigenous Perspectives on Canada