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English Option

Revised curriculum for students admitted Fall 2015 and after.

This option provides students with a course of study that focuses on how to read critically—that is, analyze, historicize, and politicize—a wide range of literary and cultural texts. Students examine how such things as genre, form, method, historical period, geography and nation inform narrative media, including works of literature, film, television, digital culture, and the visual arts. Through an engagement with narratives of the past and the present, students develop a critical understanding of contemporary cultural production.

Thirteen (13) courses are required, grouped as follows:


ENG 110 Literatures Across Borders
ENG 208 Introduction to Non-Fiction
ENG 400 Literary and Cultural Theory
ENG 810 Advanced English Research Methods
ENG 910* English Capstone Seminar

One course from the following:

ENG 302 Practicum: Writing in the Arts
ENG 304 Practicum: Online Publishing
ENG 306 Practicum: Forms of Creative Writing
ENG 390 Practicum: Open Topics

Two courses
 from the following:

ENG 421 16C Literature and Culture 
ENG 422 17C Literature and Culture
ENG 531 18C Literature and Culture
ENG 632 19C Literature and Culture

Five courses from the following:

Students may opt for depth by selecting courses within thematic categories, or may opt for breadth by sampling broadly across those categories.

Media & Culture Studies:

ENG 590 Studies in Word and Image
ENG 611 Film and Literature
ENG 703 Popular Literatures
ENG 705 Studies in Visual Cultures
ENG 706 Shakespeare and Performance
ENG 888 Televisual Texts and Contexts
ENG 921 Narrative in a Digital Age
ENG 941 Gender and Sex in Literature and Culture

Urban & Global Literatures:

ENG 203 The Literature of Native Peoples
ENG 223 Lit of Exile and Migration
ENG 408 World Literatures
ENG 409 Urban Literatures
ENG 413 Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures
ENG 416 American Literatures
ENG 620 English Caribbean Literatures and Cultures
ENG 621 Women's Texts, Global Contexts
ENG 640 Lit of Asia and its Diasporas
ENG 701 Canadian Literatures
ENG 710 Special Topics in Canadian Literatures
ENG 942 Postcolonial Interventions

Literary History & Movements:

ENG 421 16C Literature and Culture
ENG 422 17C Literature and Culture
ENG 531 18C Literature and Culture
ENG 624 20C Literature and Culture
ENG 632 19C Literature and Culture

Rhetoric, Writing & Culture:

ENG 200 Writing as a Cultural Act 
ENG 520 The Language of Persuasion 
ENG 529 Controversies in Public Disc 
ENG 720 Persuasion from Plato to Present 
ENG 730 The Social Life of Books 

Genre Studies:

ENG 222
Fairy Tales and Fantasies
ENG 224
Children's Literature
ENG 517 Techniques in Creative Writing
ENG 530
Literary Non-Fiction
ENG 540
The Novel
ENG 550 Drama
ENG 560 Poetry and Poetics
ENG 570 Auto/Biography
ENG 580 The Gothic
ENG 707 Shakespeare and His World

Independent Study:

ENG 904 Independent Research Paper
ENG 907
Senior English Project

NOTE: English courses cannot be used toward the liberal studies requirement if the English Option is chosen. Students in the English Option cannot complete the English Minor.