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French Option

This option provides students with the opportunity to gain a specialization in this important linguistic and cultural field. It allows students to develop a better understanding of the culturally diverse populations of the Francophone world in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, while acquiring critical insights into the important role that French and Francophone culture play both at a national level in this country and in the broader international context.  

Thirteen (13) courses are required as grouped and noted below.


FRE 505 French Language and Culture
FRE 510 Effective Writing  
FRE 605 Francophone Language and Culture
FRE 610 Cultural Context of Writing
FRE 900* Senior French Seminar

A minimum of four (4) courses from the following

FRE 301 Intermediate French I
FRE 302 French Food, Wine and Hospitality
FRE 401 Intermediate French II
FRE 402 French Conversation and Pronunciation
FRE 501 Speaking and Writing French I
FRE 502 Communication and Business French
FRE 507 English-French Translation I
FRE 515 Introduction to Business French
FRE 516 Politics and Play in French Poetry
FRE 601 Speaking and Writing French II
FRE 602 Business French in Practice
FRE 607 English-French Translation II
FRE 707 Introduction to French-English Translation

A minimum of two (2) courses from the following

FRE 503 Middle Ages to Classicism
FRE 508 Intro to 20th C French Literature I
FRE 509 Franco-Canadian Literature I
FRE 603 Enlightenment to La Belle Époque
FRE 608 Intro to 20th C French Literature II
FRE 609 Franco-Canadian Literature II
FRE 703 French Theatre: Classicism to Romanticism
FRE 704 Intro to Franco-Canadian Culture I
FRE 706 The Life and Times of the French Language
FRE 709 Children's Literature in French
FRE 803 French Theatre: 20th C and Contemporary
FRE 804 Intro to Franco-Canadian Culture II
FRE 901 Francophone Women Writers
FRE 902 Gender and Decadence 1850-1920
FRE 903 The Francophone Short Story
FRS 602 French Caribbean Literature and Culture


NOTE: French courses cannot be used toward the liberal studies requirement if the French Option is chosen. Students in the French Option cannot complete The French Minor.