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Global Studies Option

This option explores the often volatile mix of global issues and perspectives, environmental concerns and corporate interests that drive contemporary society and culture at a time when global transformations are transcending political boundaries. 

Thirteen (13) courses are required as grouped and noted below.


ACS 402 Introduction to Global Studies

Twelve (12) courses from the following

ACS 800* Senior Group Project
ACS 900* Senior Seminar
ACS 910 Fellowship Practicum
ACS 950 Directed Research Course
BSM 100 The New Business: From Idea to Reality
BSM 200 The Growing Business: Breaking Even
ECN 110 The Economy and Society
ECN 220 Evolution of the Global Economy
ECN 511 Economy and Environment
ENG 413 Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures
ENG 621 Women's Texts, Global Contexts
ENG 942 Postcolonial Interventions
GEO 108 Geography of the Global Village
GEO 206 Regions, Nations and the Global Community
GEO 208 Geography of the Global Economy
GEO 372 Global Shift in the 21st Century
HIS 590 Modern International Relations
HST 112 East Meets West: Asia in the World
HST 426 Major Themes in International Relations
HST 522 The Middle East: 1908 to the Present
HST 540 Espionage: A Modern History
HST 551 Problems in 20th-Century Western Europe
HST 585 Southeast Asia: War and Peace since 1945
HST 602 The History of Modern Propaganda
HST 604 The Uneasy Peace: The Cold War, 1945-90
HST 610 The Rise of the American Empire
HST 651 Problems in 20th-Century Eastern Europe
HST 702 The First World War
HST 711 Canada and the United States
HST 802 The Second World War
INP 916 NGOs in Global Context
NNS 101 Introduction to News Studies
NNS 502 Journalism and the World of Business
NNS 507 Justice and the Courts
PHL 621 Beyond the Western Academic Tradition
POG 100 People, Power and Politics
POG 225 Global Governance
POG 323 The Politics of International Development
POG 411 Canadian Foreign Policy
POG 423 Nationalism and Identity
POG 424 Human Rights and Global Politics
POG 426 Global Conflict and Peace
POG 443 Global Cities
POL 203 Politics of the Environment
POL 607 Politics of Technology and Globalization
POL 688 Colonialism and Imperialism
PSY 941 Cross Cultural Psychology
SOC 479 Social Networks and the World Wide Web
SOC 706 Globalized Labour and Consumption
SPN 704 Latin American Culture I
SPN 804 Latin American Culture II


* All students must complete a minimum of one of: ACS 800 or ACS 900.

† Students must successfully complete one of ACS 800 or ACS 900 before enrolling inACS 950