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Inquiry and Invention Option

This option explores the institutions and ideas that generate – and depend on – scientific discovery and technological innovation. The focus is on ways in which science and technology influence our lives, individually and as a society, in the 21st century. 

Thirteen (13) courses are required as grouped and noted below.


HST 325 History of Science and Technology I

Twelve (12) courses from the following:

ACS 800* Senior Group Project
ACS 900* Senior Seminar
ACS 910 Fellowship Practicum
ACS 950 Directed Research Course
BLG 181 Biology of a Living City
CHY 182 Chemistry Applications to Living Systems
ECN 511 Economy and Environment
ENG 503 Science Fiction
ENG 507 Science and the Literary Imagination
ENG 921 Narrative in a Digital Age
GEO 110 The Physical Environment
HIS 826 Science and World Exploration
HIS 828 Science, Corporations and the Environment
HST 425 History of Science and Technology II
HST 701 Scientific Technology and Modern Society
HST 777 Medicine from Antiquity to 1500 CE
HST 786 Science and Technology in Islamic History
HST 787 Astronomy vs Astrology
HST 788 Water Use in History
PCS 181 Introduction to Astronomy
PHL 500 Philosophy of the Natural Environment
PHL 509 Bioethics
PHL 552 Philosophy of Science
PHL 709 Religion, Science and Philosophy
PHL 921 Intellectual Property and Technology
SOC 611 Future Worlds: Technology and Social Change
SOC 708 Environmental Sociology


* All students must complete a minimum of one of: ACS 800 or ACS 900.

† Students must successfully complete one of ACS 800 or ACS 900 before enrolling inACS 950