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RAMSS and General Info

Q: Where can I get RAMSS support?

A: You can get assistance and ‘how to instruction’ on the RAMSS Support page on the Ryerson website.

Q: My RAMSS account is not working, who do I contact?

A: If you are having problems accessing RAMSS, please contact CCS Help Desk for password reset, etc.  

Q: Where do I pay my tuition fees?

A: Students should pay online:

Q: Where can I get Financial Assistance (i.e. OSAP)?


Questions can be referred to the ServiceHub -



Q: What is an Option/Plan?

A: Option/Plan is also commonly known as a ‘Major’. This consists of 13 courses from a specific field of study. Options in ACS are also known as your Table I or Professional Electives. There are 9 Options for you to choose in ACS.

Q: Do I have to choose an Option?

A: No. Options are not mandatory

Q: When do I choose an Option?

A: It is recommended to choose an option in 2nd year once you have become more familiar with the courses that are offered under each option. You may also choose an option in 3rd or 4th year.

Q: How do I select my Option?

A: You will need to select your option/plan on your RAMSS account. Instructions on how to change your plan/major can be found on the RAMSS Support Change Page.

If for some reason you are unable to change your plan/major please fill out a Plan Change Form found on the Forms link and submit to the ACS Program Coordinator.

Q: What if I change my mind?

A: If you change your mind about the option you selected, you can always switch back into the General Option or choose another option. Keep in mind, if you choose another option you may have to go back and complete some of the required credits needed for that plan/option. If you are ever having any doubt and need to talk to someone, please contact the ACS Program Coordinator.

Q: What if for 1st year I took two history courses for my Table A/B and now want to be in the History Option?

A: The credits under Table A/B will not be counted towards your History Option. Students who select a subject specific option are restricted to take liberal studies (Table A/B) in the same subject area (i.e. Philosophy Option students are restricted to select Philosophy courses under Table A and B)

Q: What are some ACS course restrictions?

A: You are not allowed to Major and Minor in the same field of Study (i.e. History Option and History Minor). 2. You are unable to Major in a subject specific option and enroll in Table A or B courses under the same subject area (i.e. English Option students are not allowed to enroll in ENG courses that fall under Table A or B).


Q: What is a Minor?

A: A minor consist of 6-7 courses of a specific field of study. It your chance to explore a 2nd area of interest that can assist you with achieving a career goal such as Law School with Law Minor. Minors are also known as your Table II or Professionally-Related Electives. Please refer to the minor link for more information.

Q: Can I take more than one minor?

A: Yes, you can complete a double minor if your advisement report allows it. Please consult with the Program Administrator if you are interested in completing a double minor.

Q: Do I need to take a minor?

A: No. Minors are not mandatory.

Q: How do I select my minor?

A: You will need to select your minor at the time of graduation. Instructions on how to select your minor can be found on the RAMSS Support Minor Page.


Capstone Courses

Q: Why can’t I register for my capstone course on RAMSS?

A: Capstone Courses require departmental consent therefore students are unable to add/enroll in any capstone course. Please visit the capstone page for more information. If you wish to be enrolled in ACS950 please download ACS950 form pdf.

Advisement Reports

Q: What is an Advisement Report?

A: An Advisement Report is a report that you generate from your RAMSS account which indicates the courses you have taken in the past and determines what you have left to complete. It also divides your courses by the program tables (i.e. Table I, Table II, Table A, Table B). Read instructions on how to run an advisement report.

Q: How do I run my Advisement Report?

A: Instructions on how to run an advisement report.

Q: What if I have a course under the Non-Applicable section of my Advisement Report?

A: You must contact the ACS Program Coordinator in order to have it directed to the proper table (restrictions may apply and/or approval may be required)


Q: What if I am sick and can’t go to class?

A: Contact your instructor through email informing them about your absence.

Q: What if I am sick and can’t write my exam?

A: Contact your instructor and submit an Online academic consideration requests (ACR)

If your question was not listed, please forward your question to the ACS Program Coordinator.