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How to

Run your Advisement Report



Your advisement report should be run any time you make ANY changes to your courses, (add, drop or swap).

The Advisement Report is a tool that will show you all the courses you have taken, or are enrolled in, as well as those courses needed in order for you to graduate.


You can use the Advisement Report to:

  • check the accuracy of your academic record, including approved transfer credits and course substitutions or directives
  • assist you during the Course Intention process to determine outstanding requirements (once you complete your course intentions, run your report to ensure you selected the correct courses, AND you have complete the process.  If you do not see your intentions in your report, you did not complete the entire course intention process).
  • ensure that your course selections fulfill your requirements


Please keep in mind that when you select a course (i.e., course intentions), your advisement report will assume that you will successful pass the course.  You will notice your “needed” courses will be less.


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