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Centre for Health in At Risk Populations (CHIRP)Centre for Health in At Risk Populations (CHIRP)

Center for Health in at Risk Populations

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to directly support research aimed at promoting health in at risk groups by developing and testing psychosocial interventions to improve health related quality of life for individuals living with a range of physical and mental conditions.

Our Definitions of Health

Health.  We view health and health interventions in the broadest context encompassing the integral nature of physical well being and mental health as outlined by World Health Organization.

Physical health encompasses a sense of well being and vitality necessary to perform usual activities.

Mental health is defined as the capacity to feel, think and behave in ways that enhance our capacity to enjoy life and deal with challenges as described by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Psychosocial health describes the relationship between behavioral and social variables which impact a persons' biological and psychological well being.

Psychosocial interventions include strategies that enhance a person's capacity to manage  health challenges.

At risk populations include persons with various backgrounds presenting with a range of physical and mental conditions.

Specific Objectives 

1) Cultivate a network of investigators to address fundamental health related research questions in at risk populations.

2) Examination of conceptual and methodological issues related to psychosocial interventions in at risk populations.

3) Provide a venue for information exchange amongst experts in the field and a diverse range of community, national and international stakeholder groups.

4) Identify policy and system implications for the integration of psychosocial interventions such as, services for at risk populations.