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Judith Bernhard

Judith K. Bernhard

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Research Areas

The Effect of Migrant Status on Family Functioning

A mother's sacrifice: emigrating to Canada while leaving children behind

The responsibility of motherhood often means putting the well-being of offspring ahead of one's own desires and comfort. But what if mom's willingness to do anything for the family means essentially writing herself right out of it? Full article

Transnational Families

The global patterns of immigration and settlement have changed drastically over the past two decades. Sometimes only one or two family members relocate while other important family members stay behind. Learn more

Migration experiences of families where at least one member lives with precarious legal status

A relatively invisible type of migrant experience is that of the thousands of families where at least one member lives without full legal status or what is termed precarious status. Learn more

Early Authors Program

The Early Authors Program is unique. It involves the production of several books for each participating child. The books are self-published within each program site. Parent involvement includes, among other things, authoring books that have their children as the protagonists, taking photographs to illustrate the stories, and reading the books to their children.

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Working with Immigrant Families

THE CANADIAN PARENTING WORKSHOPS fall in line with my research interests associated with the needs of children and families in early childhood education and care settings. They were developed out of a need for parents to have research-based information about how to better support their children’s development. Indeed, it is through fostering and maintaining relationships between educators, parents and children that a child’s sense of learning can be cultivated.

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About Judith

Loma Bajita

Dr. Bernhard’s research has focused on the needs of children and families in early childhood education and care settings...more

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