Research Facilities in the Psychology Research and Training Centre

Each member of the BPAC faculty has a computer‐based laboratory for data collection and analysis, as well as dedicated workspaces for graduate students and research assistants. Our faculty and students also have access to shared testing/observation and seminar rooms at the PRTC. In addition, our faculty hold a variety of specialized equipment:

• PC and Mac‐based software for stimulus presentation and response collection (e.g., E‐Prime, Matlab, Presentation, PsyScope, Visual Basic)
• Vision screening tests (acuity, contrast, stereoacuity, colour)
• Recording studio with live and control rooms
• Three double walled sound isolation chambers (IAC)
• Audio/video/EMG capture equipment
• Audio/Visual/Vibrotactile Reproduction Equipment
• BIOPAC system for tracking emotional response to music (EMG, HR, GSR & Respiration)
• Audiometer
• Equipment for audio and video analysis and manipulation
• Off‐site facilities to which our faculty have access include:
• EEG facility at the Center for Biological Timing and Cognition, University of Toronto
• ERP and fMRI facilities at the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest
• fMRI facility at Toronto Western Hospital
• Driving simulator, Department of Civil Engineering, Ryerson University
• Adaptive technologies for individuals with visual impairment for research purposes through our university access center

Our research participants are recruited from the community and the Ryerson student body. We have access to middle‐aged and senior students through programs at Ryerson’s Chang School of Continuing Education. Through external collaborations we also have access to clinical populations (e.g., patients with schizophrenia). Thanks to our central location in downtown Toronto and our proximity to public transportation, we are within easy reach for participants from throughout the Toronto metropolitan area.


Please visit individual lab sites for more detailed information.




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