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Partners in city building and innovation

As a recognized leader in city building, Ryerson is pleased to partner with the city of Brampton. Brought to life by high-demand experiential learning opportunities, Ryerson's offerings create outstanding educational pathways for all those who aspire to be part of the region’s exciting evolution.

From incubation for early-stage technology start-ups and continuing education course offerings to research, training and policy development in the growing field of cybersecurity, Ryerson had expanded to one of the fastest-growing and most diverse communities in Canada.

Ryerson is a key player in advancing innovation and entrepreneurship in Brampton by fostering the development of new businesses and providing education and training geared to market demand, which is key to future growth.

Offerings in Brampton

Ryerson’s partnership with Brampton supports students of all ages in developing the critical skills they need to thrive in the modern economy.