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Ryerson School of Medicine

A male doctor with a stethoscope sits with a female patient in a denim jacket.

Ryerson University is embarking on a new chapter that will help shape the future of health care in Ontario. The university has received a planning grant from the government of Ontario that will support Ryerson in developing a proposal for a medical school in Brampton. The proposal will detail Ryerson’s approach to health education, with a focus on primary care, expanded use of technology to better meet patient needs, interprofessional practice and the provision of culturally competent care.

A School of Medicine at Ryerson University will be designed around five pillars: 

  1. Focusing on community centric primary care and the social determinants of health 
  2. Providing culturally respectful care to communities 
  3. Leveraging innovation and technology in practices to improve quality of care and patient outcomes 
  4. Providing future physicians with the skills to develop interprofessional networks of health care to achieve better outcomes for patients 
  5. Focusing on the aging and supporting seniors as a growing portion of our society gets older 


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