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Brand Overview

Our brand isn’t just our logo. It’s our collective voice, created by all our experiences. From students, to faculty, to partnering institutes, we all have our own Ryerson story to share. The guidelines found on this website are our way of bringing them all together. 

The brand platform is designed as a tool and reference for Ryerson’s community to guide and inspire the stories we tell and how we tell them. It is made up of six key elements: Big Idea, Mission, Vision, Values, Brand Differentiators & Tone.

  • To promote our unique strengths and differentiate from the competition
  • To raise brand awareness and reputation
  • To develop a framework to efficiently and effectively use resources for maximum impact
  • To quickly provide equity to new initiatives
  • To increase donor, government and community support
  • To instil a sense of pride into our community

The Big Idea

The university’s Big Idea unifies all the elements of the brand platform. It must resonate with our audiences and should be top of mind when anyone thinks of Ryerson University.

It is true to Ryerson’s past and present and will continue to define the university in the future.

For example:
The Intersection of Mind & Action.

Brand Mission

Ryerson University's mission defines why we exist. It is our ambition and calling — the reason we get out of bed every morning.

For example:
Ryerson University can be found at the intersection of mind and action, equipping its students with the knowledge and experiences that empower them to positively and meaningfully transform themselves, their culture, the economy and society.

Brand Vision

Our vision states the next big goal we are collectively working towards in service of our mission.

For example:
To be Canada's leading university and hub for inventive and purposeful thinkers and creators.

Our values are what we care most deeply about. They are the principles that define our behaviour and cause us to strive for excellence.

We value an environment where diversity thrives. Our exceptional number of perspectives, ideas and approaches drive our innovation.

We value creative and original thought in all our endeavours. Our inventiveness increasingly defines us.

We value making things happen. Our grit, pragmatism and desire to create manifests in a culture of action.

We value relevance. From our mission to our programs, we are designed to respond to society’s needs.

We value the courage required to challenge convention. We are not here to maintain the status quo.

We value openness — to new concepts, points-of-view and society. Our ability to stay open is what keeps us moving forward.

A bright and airy photo of some students sitting on chairs and others on the steps at
the Student Learning Centre on a level called The Beach.

These are the things that we offer our audiences that make us special and different. They are Ryerson's enduring characteristics and the frame through which our stories are told.

We Are Enterprising
At Ryerson, we get things done. We have the smarts, expertise and drive to improve ourselves and our surroundings.

We Are City Builders
We shape our learning environments to maximize connections, partnerships and creativity. We are building not only a great urban university, but also a great city.

We Are Connected by Diversity
Ryerson thrives because of its diversity — of cultures, perspectives and programs. Together, our diversity makes us more connected, global and able to solve complex challenges.

We Are Creators
At Ryerson we create — new knowledge, approaches, ventures and cultural works. We believe the best way to challenge convention is to create new possibilities.

We Stay Relevant
Ryerson’s mission has always been rooted in responding to society’s needs. Our programs continually evolve to equip students with the knowledge and experiences to contribute, lead and adapt.

A female student wearing a backpack is emerging from the subway into the open city air.

Tone is the attitude we apply to the themes and ideas we talk about — it’s how we say what we say.

We focus on opportunities instead of dwelling on challenges. We believe in the future, because we are the ones who will create it.

Our intellect and optimism are grounded in skill and creation. We are smart but not stuffy.

We champion change and innovation. Our youthful nature keeps us curious and unjaded. We will always ask “Why?” and “What if?”

We are strongest when we include everyone. Our diverse makeup drives us to be well-balanced and considerate.

We are not afraid to boldly challenge convention. Our audacity is thoughtful and with purpose.

We are always looking to learn. We create experiences that challenge the mind and encourage action.

A female student is standing in a workshop with her arms crossed and a smile; there are tools hanging on the wall in the background.

Our Brand Story brings all of the elements of the platform together into a single narrative that speaks to the core of the Ryerson brand.

This story is not what we tell our audiences, instead it's what they will come to believe about Ryerson University based on all of the signals that our brand sends out.

Ryerson University is a leading comprehensive innovation university integrated into Toronto's diverse urban core. At the intersection of mind and action, we've built a home and a hub for inventive and purposeful thinkers and creators — all working to positively transform themselves, their culture, the economy and society.

Download a copy of the PDF fileBrand Platform for easy reference.

The brand architecture defines the visual structure and relationships for entities within the university. Our goal is to create a clear framework that will raise our profile, enhance our reputation and have a stronger impact in the mind of our audiences.